ESPN is reporting this morning that the Washington Redskins just signed free agent DE Albert Haynesworth for a 7-year deal starting at $100 million. Haynesworth was the most sought after free agent on the market this year after his Pro Bowl season helped carry the Titans to the best record in the NFL. In less than a day, the Redskins have spent over $150 million on two players, the other being corner back DeAngelo Hall who they just signed to a six-year, $54 million deal.

Dan Snider is throwing money around like its paper these days, but once again, I don’t think signing superstars wins you championships. Haynesworth and Hall, who are only 27 and 25 respectively, are arguably the two best players in the league at their position. But they are also two of the biggest divas in the league. Between Portis, Moss, Campell, and now Haynesworth and Hall, I think you have too many egos in one locker room. This team has serious choaching problems; they started off 6-2 last season and collapsed in the second half. Sure they will play great on Madden, but they’re going to be too hot to handle for Zorn.

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