Jay Cutler is mad about more than his blood sugar.

The Broncos may have made a mistake.

And Jay Cutler is pissed.

Let me explain in two, run-on sentences:

The Broncos fired long-time coach Mike Shanahan and hired this new guy Josh McDaniels who was the  offensive coordinator for the Patriots so he has a thing for Matt Cassell and tried to trade Cutler for him because sometimes Cutler has a bad attitude although that may or may not have something to do with his diabetes that was just uncovered last season but it surely hasn't affected his playing since he's one of the top QBs in the league but anytime you try to trade a guy who went to the Pro Bowl last year and then aren't able to do so for some reason or another, it's probably going to end up hurting you in the long run. 

*breathing deeply*

Anyways, now Jay Cutler is mad and he's all, "Why are you trading me? I threw for 4,500 yards last year with 25 TDs and a 80% QB rating," and I'll be honest I agree because Cutler is a helluva QB and Matt Cassell, in my opinion, is extremely overrated because I'm pretty sure even Tavaris Jackson could succeed as the QB for the Patriots.

I'm a bit out of shape. I should not be this tired.

All that to say, this is probably going to get ugly unless Coach McDaniels names his son after Cutler or finds a cure for diabetes. 


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  1. Nathan says:

    my grandmother has diabetes.

    oh… and what did you think of the chiefs trade for cassell?
    extreme steal, or belichek magic again?

  2. Bigs says:

    I hate to write another NFL post during the off season since there are other, more important sports (MLB / NBA) to write about.


    I think there will be a post in the next day or two regarding the Cassell trade, Kitna trade, and Rosenfels trade.

    My short answer:
    WTF? A 2nd rounder for Cassell and Vrabel? WTF?


  3. stephen c. berry says:

    The NBA is more important than the NFL off-season? no way. The real NBA season doesn’t start until May. At least there’s defense in hockey.

  4. stephen c. berry says:

    also, Cutler should stop whining and realize he can be a man and go out and play. He’s the reason they were 8-8 and not 4-12. A consistent, good quarterback and a good leader on the team. Though, the team does seem to be falling apart with everyone getting arrested. If he really wants to leave, I’m sure they’d love him in Oakland!

  5. Bigs says:

    In the eyes of the sports gods, all sports are created equal.

    I shouldn’t put myself into a box like that. You never know, I might write about curling tomorrow and gymnastics the next day.


    Just kidding, you know that’s just not true.

  6. Bigs says:

    On behalf of the Cowboys, I’d like to offer Oakland and Denver a three-way trade.

    Jon Kitna and Roy Williams (the SS) go to Denver for Eddie Royal and the Broncos send Jay Cutler to the Raiders for Javon Walker.

    What a trade!

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