Can we create a LeWyane Wames?

LeBron and the Cavs went into the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL and took care of business last night, beating the Heat 107-100 [LeBron beat Wade 42-41].

Like always when LeBron and Wade get together, they put on a great show for everybody and the game was close. These guys are amazing to watch if for nothing else than their competitiveness. 

I'm not sure how I feel about their friendship. In some ways it's all, "How cute, they're buddies!" But in other ways, you sort of [I sort of] wish that they were mortal enemies who went home and cried if they lost to each other [not literal crying of course, that violates rule #1]. 

All that to say, when will science become advanced enough that LeBron and Wade can have a super basketball baby? Maybe we could call up the "octo-mom" and see if she could help us out or something. We're looking for the next Jordan [aka the Messiah of  basketball] and if LeBron isn't him, the only thing left to do is to create a genetically enhanced basketball prodigy. 

I have D-Wade on my fantasy team this year because I saw him in the Olympics and knew how pissed he was following the terrible season the Heat had last year. I'm not even sure what makes Wade so good. With LeBron, the fact that he's the biggest guy on the court 90% of the time AND the fastest guy on the court, well, that sorta gives you the heads up that he's about to take your cookie and eat it too. But with Wade, it's like he just does whatever he needs to do to win. A shape-shifter if you will.

You can go ahead and refer to this as my sci-fi post of the week. I realize that I've brought up eugenics and shape-shifting. I'm a little ashamed.

Another quick note:

Shaq is killing right now. I don't understand it. It's like one of those movies where the hero gets mortally wounded but finds this "inner strength" that makes him do some crazy tough stuff; and then he dies at the end.

Hopefully Shaq doesn't die at the end, but, if we're looking at past cinema precedence, the future looks bleak.

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  1. stephen c. berry says:

    a year from now, will anyone really care about a regular season game between Miami and Cleveland? I mean, they put on a show, but that what the NBA seems like now. I can’t wait for the playoffs, when the great players on good teams go off like this every night!

    and forget about a super basketball baby! we can enjoy these superstars now while we can! on that same subject, i’m tired of the comparisons to Jordan, whether it’s Kobe or LeBron. There will NEVER be another Michael, and there will NEVER be another Kobe or LeBron. Can’t we just enjoy what they are now?

  2. Bigs says:

    I think it’s always interesting to watch superstars matchup (for instance, Howard v. Shaq last night), and in my opinion it is even more special to see them be this competitive during the season when it doesn’t matter ‘cause it shows their true competitiveness.

    Forget about a super basketball baby? You’re telling me this is impossible? Dare to DREAM! That’s what I always say.

    I think you make a good point though about how there will never be another Kobe or LeBron.

    Is there room on the NBA Mt. Rushmore for all three though?

  3. D.L. says:

    what makes d-wade so good? as a former Miami resident and die-hard Heat fan who has seen wade in live action i must say that his skills on the court are comparable if not better than LeBron’s.

    I know i just made an argument against myself by admitting where my loyalties lie but let’s be honest, the only reason why Wade doesn’t get LeBron-like attention and hype is because he isn’t the biggest guy on the court. Wade is definitely just as fast, he has amazing court visiion (as his back to back 16 dime games attest) and rebounds well for a 2-guard. James is expected to rebound as a part of the front court while Wade isn’t but does anyways.

    Also, he has killer instinct (LeBron does too but didn’t develop it til that series v. Detroit that propelled the Cavs to the finals). I mean Wade won the 06 ‘chip by himself, regardless of the refs or whatever Marc Stein will say on ESPN. He puts games away. 24 fourth quarter points v. Knicks in a comeback win, anyone?

    Kobe and Bron Bron are the two players everyone talks about, but Wade needs to be in that conversation as well.

  4. Bigs says:

    I think Wade has unbelievable skills, just like Kobe and LeBron.

    The only difference is basically what you said, LeBron is the biggest guy on the court. He’s a freak. Bones and I were talking about that yesterday, how he has the perfect basketball body (gay or not gay?).

    That’s what makes him the most unique player (could be hyperbole) in the history of the league. It’s really just not fair.

    I think Wade is sick and he’s been ridiculous this year. He was ridiculous in the olympics. And if he can stay healthy for another 5-10 years, he’ll have a great legacy. His injuries worry me though.

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