Manny is being paid a million dollars per dreadlock. 

Manny "being Manny" works again.

Today, it is being reported that Manny re-signed with the Dodgers for $45 million dollars. Manny will get $25 million this year and has until November to decide if he wants to void the second year of his contract, which would call for him to be paid $20 million more. 

So after all this wheeling and dealing, Scott Boras gave the Dodger's a good ol' fashioned beat down and came out on top like he always does. Is it just me or will there be a movie called, "Your Advocate is the Devil" starring an elderly Keanu Reeves as Scott Boras?

Also, is it too far-fetched to imagine Scott Boras returning home after getting this deal and opening a bottle of champagne while a dark figure, previously unseen, swivels around in his big leather chair and is dressed like the evil emperor from Star Wars and says, "Well done my son…well done…"

Every clever nickname I've tried to come up with for Scott Boras involves crude language pertaining to sodomy and donkeys. 

All that to say, Manny is a big hairy winner. Both in terms of this deal and in terms of his baseball career. Who is going to be shocked when Manny hits .320 / 40 / 120?

I need Boras to help negotiate my allowance I get from my mom.

Just kidding about that.

I'm perfectly content with my allowance. Thanks mommy. 



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