Last night was double elimination night and new rules explanation night so I guess that 13th contestant wasn’t all that much of a difference maker when two contestants were scheduled to be votes off.

This new rule sounds more complicated than it really is but I guess it still merits some explaining. Basically the judges get to save one person and one person only.  This is allowed to happen once during the entire season and can be done up to when there’s only five contestants left.  So in about 4 weeks we’ll start getting to the point where some people can feel like there’s a possibility of being saved because we are at too early of a stage to be saving people.  Having said that, let’s go on to last night’s happenings.

9:00 Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson are on Idol tonight, woo hoo! Results are in, Woo hoo!  33 million votes, Woo hoo!  Let’s hope Kanye doesn’t pull a Dennis Rodman and kicks a photog tonight.  How does Simon manage to get the loudest cheers even though he’s the biggest jerk?

9:05 Michael Jackson medley kicked off, literally, by Kriss and Jorge.  Hopefully this isn’t being judged because on a corny scale from 10 to 10, it’s a 40.  I’m thinking it’s lip synched.  Oh god, there’s choreography.  Who’s encouraging this? Who’s choreographing this?  Was that just my TV or did the sound go off for all of America?

9:10 Recap of last night.  Cute and inspirational but feels like filler.  Gokey and Screamo kid are named last night’s standouts.  I may agree with that.

9:13 Is it awkward to have a crush on someone 10 years your junior?  I’m just asking…

9:15 Lights are dimmed at Seacrest’s command, here we go.  Oh man, Michael big boy is up first.  Oof.  He is safe, after the long pause.  Good choice, U.S. Allison is next, how could she not be safe? I’m not even sweating this, and she shouldn’t either.  She admits she was scared. Now Jasmine is up, first person to be dangerously close to not being safe.  Matt G. is also up, but he’s safe. Thanks for the ruse, Seacrest.

9:17 Kris and Megan are now up.  After America’s vote Kris is safe because he’s asked to have a seat.  Now Megan and Jasmine are standing before the judges.  Lame.  I don’t appreciate my personal picks being in danger.

9:18 Megan is safe.  Duh.  Jasmine is headed home, unless judges save her, so she’ll get a chance to sing.  Here we go.

9:20 It’s such a good song, how could she go wrong? Oh yeah, she’s not good.  Having said that, she’ll be gone.

9:27 Who told him that the Canadian tux was back in style? Awful song, so-so performance. I wish Simon would’ve judged him.

9:35 Scott is standing up.  I called him out as someone that was going home.  Nationwide vote says he is safe.  I’m one off. 

9:37 Gokey is up next, obviously he’s safe.  There was no doubt.  Ok, here we go, my other call to go home: Anoop.  He almost knew that he had to go to center stage, so he made his way over.

9:39 Adam is up, let’s be real, he’s safe and there was never any doubt.  Jorge is going to the middle.  I’m calling it.  But Seacrest is not announcing it yet, not til Lil’ gets up. Of course.

9:45 The exchange between Clarkson and Seacrest is actually entertaining and not awkward, how does Seacrest do it?  I really am starting to think he is good at something.

9:48 Kelly Clarkson has added some lbs. since her Idol stint, right? Or am I just looking to deep into the fact that they didn’t show us a flashback to when she was on the show?  Her outfit isn’t helping as my roommate described her as looking like a fish because she’s wearing scales.

9:52 Victoria’s Secret ad is the smoking gun to the fact that Heidi Klum is aging, let’s just admit it now and no longer lie to ourselves.  I’m sorry, I said it.

9:54 The moment of truth for Anoop and Jorge.  Let’s go.  33 mil votes decided that Anoop is safe!! Shocker of the decade!  Are you serious United States?!?! Jorgito has glassy eyes.  I’m sad I won’t have anyone to speek spaneesh weeth. Ay tink mai eyes are glhassi tu. Oof, he looks genuinely sad, man. The one save in the season is not used on Jorge.

Well, one out of two is 50% right? (Math isn’t my best subject so I have to double check.) See you next week!

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