Want an edge? We're supplying fantasy baseball PEDs!



The next great American acronym? Or will it lose it's original meaning and become symbolic of greatness in of itself (a la ESPN)? 

This is all speculation. What is important right now, is what these five letters mean to you and your future reputation.

Bigs and Bones Fantasy Baseball Breakdown.

That's right America, it's time for Bones and myself to inform you, nay, instruct you on how to live your fantasy [baseball] life.

Here's the deal:

Everyday, Bones and I are going to take one baseball position and break it down for you into various categories of importance. We hope to give you that edge that you need so badly in order to beat the tar out of anyone that comes within your fantasy parameter.

Here's the schedule we're looking at right now:

3/18 – 1B (Bigs)
3/19 – 2B (Bones)
3/20 – 3B (Bigs)
3/21 – SS (Bones)
3/22 – C (Bigs)
3/23 – LF (Bones)
3/24 – CF (Bigs)
3/25 – RF (Bones)
3/26 – SP (Bigs)
3/27 – RP (Bones)

You may be asking, "You know Bigs, I'm not sure I can trust you on this subject. How do I know that you have my best interest in mind? How do I know if you know what the hell you're talking about?"

First off, I'd like to ask you to kindly leave my website. I don't need second-guessers and nay-sayers.

Secondly, I am a three-time fantasy baseball champion who's instincts have been compared to Professor Xavier's [of X-Men].

And finally…seriously, leave.

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  1. Dylan says:

    Come on fellas. How is this supposed to help me if it occurs AFTER my draft?

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