Picking second basemen is risky business. It can either go incredibly well and you end up drafting the next Jeff Kent, Alfonso Soriano, or Dustin Pedroia… or Chuck Knoblauch can happen to you. It’s one of the toughest positions to draft because after the top 10 players the talent pool is all dried up.

Here’s how it went horribly wrong for me last year…I was too busy drafting the best pitching staff in my league (Yes, I had three 20 game winners, one 18 game winner, and one 17 game winner last year, call me the next Billy Beane) and before I knew it I was waste deep in D+ talent. I think I ended up with some one like Asdrubal Cabrera (who hit .259 and 6 home runs last year), I don’t really want to remember. Bottom line was that second base was a black hole on my roster and I don’t want you to repeat my mistake…

1st-2nd Rounds: The Studs

Dustin Pedroia, Chase Utley, and Ian Kinsler. If you have a late first round pick these are the names you need to know. They will all get you .300 average, 20-30 home runs, 100 runs, and a hand full of stolen bases. If by some black-magic-voodoo-witchcraft there available in later rounds you need to join a league without your younger brothers and sisters. Also, picking Pedroia or Utley is a great way to terrorize Red Sox and Phillies fans.

3rd-10th Rounds: Mr. Consistent

Here's where you want to take someone like Brian Roberts (guaranteed 100 runs / 40 stolen bases) or Alexei Ramirez (25 home runs / .290 average) or Dan Uggla (.250 average BUT 30+ home runs). At this point you probably have more pressing needs in your roster but once you let these guys slip you're starting to hit the bottom of the barrell.

10th-20th Rounds: The Replacements

By now you're seeing a bunch of ethnic names that mean nothing to you. Here's the ones that should stand out: Mark DeRosa, Jose Lopez, and Mike Aviles. If they're gone by then, keep an eye out for Freddy Sanchez and Orlando Hudson. At this point go for the basics, like average or stolen bases, because these guys won't get you much else. 

The Sleeper: Kelly Johnson

Last year I picked this guy up about half way through the season and he saved my butt. Look for him to post a .290 average, 80 runs, 70 RBIs, and 10-15 homeruns. He doesn't post heavy numbers and he is far more popular this year, but I guarantee he'll be around after the 10th round. 

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