This is outrageous. I'm so mad I can hardly see straight. 

There was a glitch in the plan, I understand. The public was never supposed to know how inefficient, idiotic and unconstitutional the bailouts really were. 

But then AIG had to go and let the cat out of the bag by paying $165 million dollars of my money to executives as bonuses when it should have been declaring bankruptcy. All this was done with your cheerful knowledge and support, until the public responded with an appropriate (yet still too marginal) amount of fury. 

Now, your only response is to tax it back from them with another overreaching bill of questionable legality? 

The lesson to be learned here is not that we should fall back to the beginning of our original plan, as though AIG was a child who needed to skip a week's allowance for having spent too much on candy.

The lesson is that the plan is useless. 

The federal government quickly and sneakily handing exorbitant and wasteful amounts of taxpayer money that it does not have to companies that are criminally drowning in their own poor management won't work. Duh. It's a bad model. It was foolish then and it's foolish now. 

No one is fooled by your scrambling attempts to recoup some public respect, either. This is what bailouts get us, plain and simple: bureaucratic mismanagement of large sums of public money based on the failed tenets of central planning. 

Bankruptcy is the market's natural punishment of an inefficient and ineffectual business, and a sign that the public no longer values the product. The government cannot prop up these awful companies forever. 

We're not playing Monopoly, and you didn't land on AIG's property. You own the damn board. 

The only people you owe are us. Where are the bailouts for small business owners, families, or functional companies with responsibility? Where are our bonuses? 

Stop rewarding irresponsibility, or we will punish yours. 

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  1. Crystal Broyles says:

    Finally we are opening our eyes and seeing what is REALLY going on. It sickened me and disgusted me the way Congress and the Media manipulated the American public. They did everything they could to instill fear in us; and the only way we could be saved was to give our taxpayer dollars to these fugitive companies. Who cares if their brand is almost bigger than life itself? With everything their is a rise and a fall, why should we suffer due to them?

  2. Jacob says:

    I seem to recall a certain Rush H. Limbaugh warning people about Lord Messiah Obama’s plan to “spread the wealth around.” See, I told you so.

    I think it’s funny that people whine and complain about Rush and then turn around and gripe when the very thing people like him warned of happens.

    Obama is nothing more than a liberal thug out for personal power.

  3. DittoBox says:


    I know your trolling but I’ll bite. I’m not defending Obama here but the original AIG bailout occurred under Bush before Obama was even elected.

    Maybe he didn’t stop them, and maybe he’s expanded it, but you’re blaming one individual for a litany of abuses that were perpetrated by two presidents and the Congress.

  4. Jacob says:

    I don’t absolve Bush or congress of their sins here, but I am amazed at how naive people were about what exactly Obama would do. I was angered at Bush, but I freely admit I enjoy all this “see, I told you so” stuff. It’s mine sin, I suppose.

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