Listen America, schedules are meant to be broken.

Yes, I carefully wrote out how and when I and Bones would fill your head with fantastic fantasy facts…but you know what? I don't even care.

So, up to bat today/tonight: the outfield.

The outfield is a tricky thing.

My own personal strategy is to never draft an outfield that doesn't have the capability of stealing at least 10-15 bases a season. The outfield is generally where you're going to get your speed, but it doesn't hurt to find a little power as well (a la Grady Sizemore).


Grady Sizemore / Ryan Braun / Carlos Lee / Josh Hamilton / Alfonso Soriano

These guys are all great players. I put Sizemore ahead of Braun because I feel like Sizemore has the ability to win more categories for you with his great speed. Although, Braun just straight up rakes the ball. Carlos Lee is an unbelievably consistent slugger although he is a walking injury. Josh Hamilton has best chance of making a leap to the top of this list I think (not biased either); he just has to prove that he can be great for a full season, not just the first half. Possible scenario: Soriano runs into Lee, knocking them both out for 40 games.


Carl Crawford / Alex Rios / Vernon Wells / Milton Bradley / Juan Pierre

Duds is a strong word. Maybe I'm a little bit bitter because I had Rios, Wells, and Crawford on my team last year and they all SCREWED ME. But seriously, I think all of these guys are overrated (with the possible exception of Pierre, because he's not really highly rated). Bradley won't repeat last year's season. Wells has a world of talent but can't put it together. Pierre is one-dimensional (super fast and great at stealing bases, but as the old saying goes, "You can't steal first"). Crawford could be great, but last year he was hurt and did very little.


Nelson Cruz / Carlos Gomez / Cameron Maybin / Ken Griffey Jr.

Nelson Cruz was leading the major leagues in home rurns (granted, mostly at the Triple-A level) for a majority of the season. He put up 7 home runs and hit .333 during only about 100 at-bats last season. The dude has a powerful swing and seems to have worked out some of the kinks. Carlos Gomez can fly. He was traded in the Johan Santana trade and Jose Reyes claims that Gomez is faster than he is. I've also been watching Gomez this spring and he seems to have more pop than you'd think in his bat. Maybin is a favorite of Bones' (as evidenced by his draft pick). And with Griffey…listen…I WANNA BELIEVE. Griffey is greatness. That's all I'm saying. I think, if he can stay semi-healthy, he'll hit .280+ with at least 25 home runs.


Just had my fantasy draft. My outfield looks like this:
Grady Sizemore, Bobby Abreu, Johnny Damon, Adam Dunn, Carlos Gomez

I'm pretty happy with it. Sizemore was my first pick. All of those guys (excepting Dunn) can steal 20+ bases. All of them (excepting Gomez…maybe) can hit 20+ home runs. My biggest worry at this point is batting average, but we'll see how that pans out.

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