From marriages to making out — today's gossip.

  • Rihanna is publicly flirting with Wilmer Valdemarra and Hugh Grant is still making out.
  • David Letterman ties the knot — after dating the same woman for 23 years. On the Late Show, he says he got stuck in the mud on the way to the Montana courthouse: "And the whole way, I'm thinking: See, smart ass, see, see, you try to get married, this is what happens."
  • Because her love life is so effed up, Madonna may not be able to add another child to her collection.
  • The truly corpulent Meghan McCain told Larry King that she supports Obama and gay marriage.
  • Although 52.6 of the University of Notre Dame voted Obama in a mock election last October, a petition to disinvite him from giving the commencement address has amassed 50,000 signatures.
  • Fergie is putting on a White House concert for the Obama girls. Not as hot as the Jo-Bros.
  • Charles Homan describes the rise and fall of Culture11, and how it butted heads with conservative's cultural cluelessness.
  • New York City wives are charging expensive clothes to their husband's credit cards, and then reselling the clothes and pocketing the cash.
  • And Gov. David Paterson must be feeling unloved. His approval rating continues to plunge — now to 29 %. Only 14% would vote for him in 2010. 


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