In a shameless rip-off of David's memo and Mike Allen's playbook, I would like to present to you today's five best sports stories (so far).

1. Apparently UConn has violated some NCAA rules in the past with its recruitment of former guard Nate Miles. Seems like we're always going to be dealing with some sort of recruiting scandal in college sports. These type of stories don't exactly resonate with me because I feel like 90% of the recruitment violations go un-reported. It just so happens Calhoun was unlucky enough to get tattled on.

2. Roger Goodell wants to extend the NFL season to 17-18 games. This is great news for Bones and I because it means another two weeks of Sundays that go like this:
Wake up. Church? Lunch. Football game that matters. Sleep during games that don't matter. Football game that matters. Bedtime for Bones. Homework scramble for Bigs. Bedtime for Bigs.

3. As was predicted by many, potential prospect phenom David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays was sent down to AAA. This is not surprising at all to me. Mainly because they're babying Price and want to closely monitor his innings this season. Price is lucky, if he played for the Rangers he would have 200 innings of ERA destruction at the MLB level awaiting him this year (just kidding Rangers, you know I love you and respect your decision to crush the soul of every good young pitcher that comes through your farm system). I feel like Price's terrible MLB 2K9 ratings may have something to do with this decision (three pitches with a 73 being the highest pitch rating?).

4. Roger Goodell on draft day: With the first pick of the draft, the Detroit Lions desperately hope that this next pick [insert name here] isn't another bust to add to their pantheon of draft busts… I swear Detroit, Stafford hasn't ever even MET Joey Harrington! You know it's sad when Detroit fans are like, "Remember the glory days when Charlie Batch was our QB?"

5. Two great excerpts from sports books:
a) The Rocket that Fell to Earth by Jeff Pearlman
b) Now I Can Die in Peace by Bill Simmons


Charles Barkley is a big funny man.


D-Wade is my leader.


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