• The President, at last: Barack Obama, Twitter's second most-popular user, has updated for the first time since the inauguration.
  • Dozens filled the streets of San Francisco yesterday to march in support of the child rapist who killed three Oakland police officers last sunday. Oh, Frisco.
  • Have no idea how you're ever going to see all the SXSW movies? Watch this one and you'll pretty much get the idea.
  • Nasty inside sources say Ashlee Simpson hates staying home with her mancub, Bronx Mowgli.
  • Nancy Pelosi's plastic surgery is so perfect, doctors say it doesn't look natural
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine hasn't even hit theaters yet,and there's already talk of a sequel. Sheesh.
  • New York City subway fares are, as promised, going up to $2.50
  • Speaking of the subway, everything takes too long these days. Seriously. Everything.
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