Today's Cinco de Sports contains upsets, fastballs, and 13 minutes that lasted forever.

1. Two teams that were supposed to win, UConn and Pitt, won. I picked UConn to win it all because I felt like they had one of those teams that would only really turn on th jets once they got into the tournament. Bones and I disagreed about this point (shockingly). I have Pitt in the final four but Xavier sure gave them a run for their money. If it wasn't for Fields and his tenacious play (for some reason he reminds me of Deron Williams when he was in college…maybe just the chubby appearance) they proooobably wouldn't have survived.

2. Two teams that weren't supposed to win, Missouri and Villanova, won. I watched both of these games and to start with, Missouri beat the snot out of Memphis. It wasn't a close game for 90% of the minutes played (Missouri had a 24 point lead at one point). I think it is completely inexcusable for a team like Memphis to continue to be terrible from the free throw line. It lost them the national championship against Kansas and it's going to continue to hamstring them until they do something about it. Villanova beat Duke pretty badly as well, proving that they belong in the elite eight. 'Nova could do some more upsetting before the day (and by day, I mean tournament) is done.

3. Stephen Strasburg throws over 100 MPH and is a beast (but he's also represented by someone who has the mark of the beast tatooed on his chest…aka Scott Boras). I hope that the Nationals sign him and immediately promote him to the show, just so I can have a reason to go to 'Nats games. Speaking of the 'Nats, here's why I love the 'Nats.

4. Here's a terrible story about the Houston Texans' running back Ryan Moats. Seriously, this stuff is really rough to read about; the officer should be fired plain and simple. I don't care if you're having a bad day, a rough week, or whatever…this sort of thing is simply inexcusable. 

5. Jay Cutler has officially destroyed his reputation in the NFL. Congrats Jay! You almost got traded and got pissed off…but then you did the un-guy thing and STAYED pissed off. You've alienated teammates, coaches, colleagues across the league, and pretty much any other team who would be interested in you in the future. You're like the crappy NFL version of Manny.

This is really, really funn…sooooo click this link…

"Thabeet is a junior but plays like a graduate student!"

Real mature 'Bron 'Bron

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