The Big East rolled on last night. Anyone who didn’t think they were the best conference in America obviously didn’t listen to me or the rest of those self-professing basketball experts. Pittsburgh survived a scare against Xavier who had an 8 point lead at the half, UCONN handled Purdue easily, and Nova put the lockdown on Duke’s offense. Michael Wilbon thinks UCONN is the team to beat so far, but I’m not ready to hand over that title just yet after seeing Nova beat Duke by 23 and hold Gerald Henderson to seven points.

As of last night, one person had the only perfect bracket I’ve seen so far, until Duke ruined it for him. Take a look at his bracket because I think it says a lot about college basketball. He picked Cleveland State over Wake and every other upset and guess who he has winning it all….Missouri. This guy is either the best bracket expert in the country (after seeing Missouri run all over Memphis last night) or he has no idea what he’s talking about.

The most frustrating story of the day goes to my favorite coaching staff in Minnesota. It turns out that my loveable Vikings were in the running for a three way trade with Denver and New England for Jay Cutler but backed out because someone on the coaching staff wasn't entirely sold on Cutler. But I can't question them since there so sold on TARVARIS JACKSON and SAGE ROSENFELS. Give me the Love Boat days back, I can't take this anymore. Leave while you still have legs AP. 

The Washington Nationals are Julian Tavarez's drunk hook-up. Mr. Irrelevant has a great post on Julian Tavarez's quote about signing with the Nationals last week. He even ends with the advertising slogan of the week: "Your 2009 Washington Nationals: Because big girls need love too."


Adam Morrison crying like girl, Brian Gumbel's classic one liner, and Gus Johnson's half-sasquatch, half-Wookie primal scream…it doesn't get better than this. And you can't have too much of a good thing, so get a full dose of Gus Johnson here








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  1. Bigs says:

    I’ve had a soft spot for Julian Tavarez ever since I played with him in “Triple Play 1998” or something like that and he played for the giants. He was a reliever who, if you pulled the cursor all the way down and held the power all the way up, he’s throw 113 MPH straight into the dirt and the computer would swing every time.

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