My little midwest alma mater, Hillsdale College, is now famous, unhappily, for animal cruelty and college journalism feuds! Here's the story that has piqued the interest of the Associated Press, the USA Today, Deadspin, the Boston Globe, the Detroit Free Press. Apparently the baseball team lost 9 out of 10 games and the Hillsdale Collegianaddressed the issue in an editorial:

We like baseball, but we hate this baseball.

You've gone under our radar for years now, but this past week did you in. Nine games. Nine. You've lost nine games of your past 10. But the sad thing is this doesn't cover the half of it. …

Lose the swagger. Most of you walk around campus with this chip-on-my-shoulder, badass tempo. How is this possible? It's not enough for you to simply lumber around like the other disappointing athletes? Lose the stride boys.

Damn, that's mean! The Collegian apologized, but someone (allegedly the baseball team) went ahead and dumped a lot of roadkill, including an apparently murdered goat, on the front porch of a Collegian editor who wears cute, nerdy glasses, whose front porch is also the front porch of my sister's boyfriend's brother (so I am very closely connected here). The best line is from the Free Press: "It is unclear where someone would get so many animal carcasses." Ha.

My confidential source tells me the baseball team is by no means the most arrogant sports team on campus. Apparently the basketball team is most arrogant, then the football team, and only after that the baseball team. My confidential source also tells me that, like all college newspapers, the Hillsdale Collegian is stuck-up and purposely inflammatory. It seems at least this editorial was. 

The flap has prompted the usual self-righteous outrage. I was just tagged in a Facebook note making it clear that Hillsdale will pay for this: 

While I admit Hillsdale helped me get to law school, in my mind the diploma I received from that morally deprived place is nothing better than toilet paper. The administration's brushing off of the animal cruelty and mutilation case on their own campus shows that the virtues the place preaches are a joke. Nobody stands for virtue when they protect those who commit felonies under Michigan law.

From this day forward, I refuse to visit the college ever again. I love Hillsdale. It is a nice rural town, but I will never cross that campus again. I can never support a place that believes felons should walk among their decent classmates. Most certainly, I will never give a dime to the college. None of my wealth will ever go to such a place. I could have billions and I would not give a dime even if it meant the college would go bankrupt.

Good thing most of us Hillsdale grads are impoverished liberal arts majors and will never have billions to withhold.

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  1. Hillsdale College…Pursuing Insanity, Defending Overreactions…Since 1844.

  2. Jeffrey Dalmer says:

    I’ve yet to see a dead goat on the side of the road. I also read the Collegian article. The dead animals where all set in various poses.

    But no worry, college administration is busy downplaying this just as the downplay all the other sick twisted things that happen on campus. Yeap, this is the same school where the college president was having sex with his son’s wife, and then she committed suicide when he got married.

    Not donate money to these moral hypocrites? DUH

  3. Mark P says:

    1. I know two different people — neither connected to the baseball team — who saw the goat dead on the side of the road by the fairgrounds, where they do lots of 4H type stuff. I’m not defending the guys who did this. They desecrated creatures… but they didn’t kill any animals.

    2. Your account of the Roche incident is pretty much BS. President Roche was certainly a hypocrite and a dictatorial president, but he probably wasn’t sleeping with his daughter-in-law. And the comparison between that grotesque and horrific tragedy and the baseball guys’ disgusting act is more than little off base.

    3. Seems like you know nothing about Hillsdale except the stories that hit the AP — in which case you’re welcome to keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

  4. Mark P:

    So, you are saying the Goat now has an alibi?

    As to Roche, that is such common knowledge and so widely reported, one has to think you are drinking a bit too much of the purple Koolaid being served on campus. Just so you can enlighten yourself, here is a link:

    Also a best selling book was written on the topic as well, called “Hillsdale, a Greek Tragedy”

    Mark, I live in Hillsdale. I have many friends that work at the college. What the college says it is, and the reality, are often two different things.

    But keep chugging that purple koolaid. You are in good company.

  5. Mark P says:

    1. I’m saying members of the baseball team mutilated dead animals, reason enough to be upset. But they didn’t kill any. You’re welcome to perpetuate a false rumor if that makes you happy. And you do seem very eager to believe any rumor that makes the college look worse.
    2. Have you read the Greek Tragedy book? Because if you had, you’d realize that it’s not “common knowledge” at all. No one knows exactly what happened, but the impression I had from the book and from reading a few other articles was that a sexual affair between Lissa Roche and George III probably did not happen. Again, however, if smearing the college makes your day, go right ahead.
    3. As for koolaid, I’ve never heard one thing from professors or administrators about the case either way. I believe the official position has always been just that—no one will know. Except you, of course, because you truly know the hypocritical heart of Hillsdale College.

  6. Mark P:

    I never said the Baseball team shot the goat. I mean, like you said relative to the Roche affair, “no-one knows exactly what happened”, I mean maybe the goat shot itself?

    What I did say in my 15+ years living in Hillsdale, I’ve never seen a dead goat as roadkill. Never. Not once. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?

    As to the ongoing college scandals, you’ll believe what you want to believe.

    Was the goat’s name O.J. by chance?

  7. Mark P says:

    Neither have I. Like I said, it was by the fairgrounds, and I had a friend with absolutely no connection to the baseball team (I have a hunch he’s the one who posted as “Billy Jeane” above you @ the Boston Globe) who said he saw it by the fairgrounds on M-34 a few days before — he noticed because, like you’re pointing out, a goat dead on the side of the road is odd.

    “As to the ongoing college scandals, you’ll believe what you want to believe.”
    -“Ongoing.” Nice. And, yes, I’ll believe what I want about people whom I actually, personally know. And you’ll believe exactly what you want to believe about people you don’t.

  8. Come on Mark. It gets deeper and deeper. Now your taking the word of someone involved in the actual incident. At best, this is biased and unreliable.

    I’m telling you, as a long time resident, I’ve never seen goat roadkill although plenty of other kinds. And yes, I will admit goat roadkill could happen, but the LAST place it could remain for a “few days”, would be the fairgrounds. Plenty of goats there, but they are all brought in and this is within the city limits.

    And could one get loose and get killed there? Sure it could, but it wouldn’t be left at the side of the road.

    That is the problem with lieing, in particular about subjects you know little about. The only time it would get loose at the fairgrounds would be during the auction. Plenty of witnesses to see it shot by someone or hit by a car. And the witnesses are farmers.

    Where your story falls apart is most certainly one of them would have picked it up for meat, if only for the family dog. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen farmers loading up fresh deer roadkill, I even helped one once as he loaded it (he had hit it). Compared to parasite laden deer, freshly killed farm goat is prime rib.

    It’s just not a plausible fabrication. Lets move the goat out into the countryside, instead of the middle of the city, OK? At least the story is then plausible.

    My personal guess is the perps went to the auction, bought a goat, and had the farmer slaughter it for them. A claw hammer to the head looks alot like a gun shot entry wound that was reported in the paper. What it doesn’t look like is blunt force trauma, as a car impact would have caused.

    BTW, I doubt if your friend could tell the difference between goat roadkill, large dog roadkill and deer roadkill from a speeding vehicle.

    That is why lawyers always tell the perp to shut up. The more you talk, the more you convict yourself. Obviously, for anyone to know for a certainty it was a goat, they’ed have be on foot and roll it over.

    As to who I know and my experiences, sorry you’re wrong again. I may have been out of line bringing the Roche incident into things, but the college has a long history of not practicing what it preaches. Being on any sports team shouldn’t be a get out of jail free card, and if the tables where turned, and the nerds attacked the jocks, my bet is expulsion would be on the table. I personally know people that have been expelled for far less substantial charges.

    Bottom line, real men man up to their wrong do’ings. You should tell you friends to do the same and stop all these silly excuses. The goat placed on the editorial was an act of intimidation against a free press, and stands against all the principles of a free society. If one truly believes in the principles espoused at Hillsdale College, they should be outraged.

  9. Mark P says:

    “Now your taking the word of someone involved in the actual incident.”
    What? Are we both speaking the same language? How did you get that from this: “I had a friend with absolutely no connection to the baseball team”? “Absolutely no connection” only equals “someone involved in the actual incident” in your bizarre world where anyone who disagrees with you is guilty. Where my friend is involved and, because I’m arguing against you, I must be buds with the perpetrators.

    1. My friend HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH INCIDENT. He isn’t a varsity athlete; he’s never written a word for the Collegian. He’s a freshman. We were talking about it (because the entire campus was), and he mentioned that he saw the goat on the side of the road on M-34 nearby the fairgrounds. He has NO MOTIVATION to lie. None.
    (You can’t tell the difference between a dog, deer, and a black goat at 35 mph? Really? Seriously?)
    2. I have no connection with the baseball team. My name is Mark Perkins. Feel free to look me up. The closest connection you’ll find is that a good friend of mine lives with a girl whose boyfriend plays baseball.
    3. On the other hand, I’m friends with every single personal who lives in the house that got pranked. I’m good friends with John, the editor who lives there. I also live with another editor from the Collegian.
    4. Point being: I have no interest in defending the baseball players. They acted like meatheads. I told my housemate that the Collegian apology last Thursday should have been: “We stepped over the line. We demeaned their games, and we unnecessarily attacked their character. In hindsight, however, we were entirely right.”

    What I do care about is your ridiculous attempt here and at other websites to turn this grotesque act into a microcosm of the deep and abiding wickedness of Hillsdale College. It’s stupid. You can talk about the college’s long history from afar all you want. You can pretend that living near it for fifteen years gives you some special place from which to pass judgment. It doesn’t. Your decision to take every opportunity to blacken the names of people you know nothing about is not made somehow valid because you take potshots from closer than most.

  10. Jeffrey Dalmer says:

    Yes, I can’t tell the difference between breeds of snow covered rotting road kill as I pass by at 35 mph. Oh, that’s right, you forgot about that little thing in Michigan called snow and keeping your eyes on the road.

    Just stop. Please. This is so sad and pathetic. And it proves my point about the culture of deception and excuse, that seems more the norm then the exception. Oh how far this great school has fallen. This is no longer the school I went to, nor I suspect the author of this blog.

  11. Alisa says:

    Ummm… this is not worth fighting over. Please do stop.

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