President Obama bows to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah

In last Friday's edition of The Morning Gossip, it was First Lady Michelle who had done a bad thing by hugging Her Highness the Queen of England. Now she has given the fruit to her husband, and he, too has eaten of the Tree of Politely Greeting Foreign Leaders. Don't they get it already? America doesn't want them to like foreigners! We don't understand what is so hard about this. Anyway, that tops our review of this week's gossip:

  • This week's absurd Obamas-break-foreign-protocol drama unfolded in Saudi Arabia, where President Obama dipped his head slightly to show respect for King Abdullah. Crazy people said crazy words about it, he denied it was a show of submission, and ugh. Please.
  • Billy Bob Thornton completed his progression from Oscar-winning actor to desperate musician to complete jerk.
  • All the weed smoking in Vancouver was too much for Britney Spears and her crew: they left the stage for 40 minutes, refusing to return until the air had cleared.
  • The most memorable moment of the 2008 presidential campaign came to life when, echoing Hillary Clinton's sly attack ad, President Obama got a 3 AM phone call … about Somali pirates.
  • Kanye West embraced his odd sexual orientation.
  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are over after fighting bitterly and publicly and eternally. Lindsay is reportedly a wreck, but, well, that's kind of her usual.
  • In the saddest sports tragedy of the year so far, Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a hit-and-run car crash.
  • Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester leaked a single from her upcoming album. It's called "Birthday."
  • A humpback whale visited New York City via the Hudson River. It apparently wasn't impressed.
  • The staff of the Los Angeles Times is displeased with the paper's latest recovery stunt: planting an NBC ad as a fake front-page news story. 100 of them have signed a petition saying the chicanery caused "incaculable damage" to the paper.
  • Imogen Heap missed her self-imposed deadline for finishing her third album.

Have a great holy weekend! Be sure not to ruin it by going to see Observe and Report

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