Your girl friend nudges you and whispers, “Hey, that guy is looking at you.” You find him cute so you stare back, maybe wink and look away for three seconds. When you look back he’s still staring you down, then he smirks and you notice he has the same golden eyes as Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Upon a deeper look into his irises you see they say two words: “Twilight DVD.”

It’s all a part of the E1 Entertainment’s new “eye-vertisement.” They’re hiring male models to sport the contact lenses and make eye contact with prospective Twilight fans. Apparently, they think this will spark the girls to run to the nearest store and purchase the DVD, instead of running away screaming.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first of outrageous Twilight promotion. One week ago, a mold was made of the real Edward Cullen’s (Robert Pattinson) teeth and was imprinted on select Twilight DVD’s to satiate fans thirst to be bitten by the vampire. Personally, I don’t think that comes close to the real thing.

Users on gossip blog ONTD thought the bite-autograph was bad but they deem the contacts as “lame,” “f—ing creepy,” “too much,” and “crazy.”

I still think it’s better than tricking girls into buying Twilight body glitter so they can look bedazzled like their favorite Cullen’s. Seriously, that stuff was sold out for weeks.

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