New York blogs go overboard covering "hipster grifter" Kari Farell

Good morning! Spring came to New York (and probably lots of your places, too) this weekend, so we hope you were out enjoying the sun. But we were right here as always, collecting the highlights to keep you informed. There's a lot, so let's get to it:

  • Kari Farrell, the law breaking "hipster grifter" currently on the loose in Brooklyn, has driven Gawker out of its everloving mind: 8+ posts in the last 3 days, which divides out to an astonishing almost-four posts per day. All of the other blogs busied themselves posting naked pictures of her. Okay, everybody, this has been fun, but, as our girl Emily Gould said way back at the beginning, this is bringing out your worst.
  • The first non-baseball event in the new Yankee Stadium will star Christian prosperity gospel/self-help preacher Joel Osteen, who's holding a "Night of Hope" event this week. 
  • Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter on Friday. She appears to be getting along well. (She says she had a great Sunday.)
  • Shockingly, no young music fans were too afraid of the economy to go to Coachella this weekend. The Times mourns the missed opportunity for a breathless recession trend story.
  • Nathaniel Ayers, the insane musical genius who played a two-string cello in the streets of L.A. before befriending Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez and being catapulted to the big screen in The Soloist, closed his eyes during the entire 109 minutes of the movie the first time he saw it.
  • Pardon the interruption, but last week's Tax Day thread turned into an existential unrest-fest, in which it emerged that some of you think Patrol is too dirty and/or too skeptical of Republican behavior and/or no longer cool. Alright everybody. Got beefs? Email us, don't just whine in the comments. Because we really do want to hear it. 
  • American tennis star Andy Roddick married Brooklyn Decker this weekend in Austin, Texas. Elton John did the special music.
  • The unstoppable, viral Susan Boyle hype reached its apex.
  • Madonna fell from a horse in the Hamptons yesterday, suffering several bruises and minor injuries. We thought she knew how to ride like a pro, but whatever.
  • Neo-Republican pundit/lust-er after Congressional hotties/gay marriage supporter Meghan McCain is speaking at a Log Cabin Republicans convention, prompting speculation that she may be becoming a gay icon.

That's enough to get off the starting blocks. Have a great Monday.  

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