After surprising every single baseball fan and network pundit with an improbable, if not unthinkable 11-1 start, the Florida Marlins have not just cooled off—they’ve gone Antarctic frigid.  Yesterday’s 13-2 loss at the hands of the Phillies marked the second straight sweep on which they’ve been on the wrong side of the broom that has left some wondering if their 11-1 start was a fluke or if they actually have it in them to make the playoffs.  But Marlins’ Cody Ross was quoted as saying, “every team in the league goes through winning streaks and every team in the league goes through losing streaks.  We just happened to do both at the beginning of the season.”  The Marlins, though, are still in first place in the loaded NL East division, which houses the powerful Mets, Braves, Phillies, as well as the lowly Nationals so it’s not like there isn’t a silver lining or hope left.  They just have to get some more wins under their belt.  That will be easier said then done, however, as they fly into New York City to take on the Mets today for a three game series.

I guess now is the time when the Baby Marlins have the opportunity to shut up every Sportscenter and analyst that predicted them to a losing season, or crumble under the pressure of a hot start followed by the realization of every prophecy about them.  Moral victories, such as Cody Ross pitching a scoreless ninth inning in an embarrassing loss, don’t get you to the playoffs, and they certainly don’t attract fans to the stadium.  

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  1. stephen c. berry says:

    y’know… a lot has happened in the world of sports since April 27. You guys still alive? Why is this still on the front page?

  2. stephen c. berry says:

    The drama of the NBA playoffs, the necessity of the NHL playoffs, the crazy month of May in Baseball, an historic Indy 500, UEFA Champions League final coming soon…

    Do you guys still work here?

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