Every get that glazed-over feeling that you're reading the same news stories you read yesterday and the day before and maybe even last week? Well, it's not just you. Looking around the interwebs this morning, it's pretty clear that most of last Friday's stories – swine flu, Obama policies, Republican flailings, newspaper deaths – are all right where we left them. Even the naughty people in Hollywood didn't do anything interesting this weekend. So we present a truncated version of the Morning Gossip on this Newsless Monday:

Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney became the latest prominent GOP member to take a public swipe at Sarah Palin, asking if Time's 100 Most Influential People list (on which Palin appeared) was "a list of the most beautiful people, or the most influential people?"

In case you've been wondering where they've hidden in the five years since American Idiot, Green Day are up to Even More Important Things: releasing an album in two weeks called – wait for it – 21st Century Breakdown. Considering that last one, it could be kinda good, you know. But when they're just talking, Billy Joe and Co. never get any less insufferable.

The New York Times Company is finally listening to the Atlantic: our town's biggest newspaper has filed federal documents notifying authorities that it will close The Boston Globe, leaving the capital of New England – and the Atlantic's former hometown – without its "storied" newspaper.

We know you don't want to hear a single further word about the Hipster Grifter, but at this point, why on earth not? And if you must hear something, might as well be the best news ever: she got arrested, and hopefully will be locked up out of all our dear blogger friends' sight.

Anyway. Seriously, nothing is happening today. Well, maybe this stuff. But nothing you can do anything about, so go in peace and have a wonderful, bad news-less day.

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