LeBron and co. need some magic of their own if there going to save their season tonight.

It's like the fairy tale gone wrong: the King (LeBron James) leads his team (the Cavaliers) and his people (the beloved city of Cleveland) to the best record in the Eastern Conference. Then he sweeps through the first two series in the playoffs winning almost every game by double digits. Even the naturally pessimistic Cleveland fans were beginning to believe. But for the brief second they started to forget Mark Price and MJ and the millisecond they put their hope in Lebron, they forget how cruel and twisted sports can be.  

Tonight, the Cavs find themselves down 3-1 to the Orlando Magic and facing elimination. They've lost 11 out of the last 15 to Orlando and they can't seem to come up with an answer for Howard, Lewis, or Turkoglu. If the Cavs lose tonight, the city of Cleveland as we know it may never be the same. NY papers are already predicting LeBron to NY in 2010. It's not looking good for the already love-starved fans of Cleveland, and it's not to the fault of LeBron. He's averaged around 40 points a game in the series so far, and if it wasn't for his season-saving shot the Cavs would have been swept right out of the playoffs already. 

So the best case scenario tonight: the Cavs win the first of three in a row against the Magic and go on to the NBA Finals were, David Stern conspiracy theorist celebrate a LeBron versus Kobe final. Odds: not even Vegas bookies are taking money on that. 

The worst case scenario: the Cavs lose tonight. LeBron is done wasting his time in Cleveland and decides to head to some big market franchise like the Knicks in 2010, making Cleveland sport fans victims of sport's cruelest romantic tragedy. And before too long, they will be no better than Pittsburgh or Chicago. Odds: oh, only a mere 5% of teams down 3-1 in the NBA playoffs have come back to win the series. 

Sadly, Cleveland fans can't blame LeBron. He's done everything possible to carry his team. Tonight, the entire city of Cleveland will be holding its breath hoping that Big Z, West, Wally, and the rest of the Cavs will bear some of the load for LeBron. The only thing left is to believe in magic tonight. Oh, the cruel, cruel irony. 

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  1. stephen c. berry says:

    um…what was the point of this? You’re comparing Cleveland’s sports woes to Chicago and Pittsburgh? Pittsburgh, who’s NFL team is hands down the BEST run franchise in the country with TWO Super Bowls in the last four years, who’s NHL franchise has dominated in the playoffs and is headed for the finals for the SECOND straight year. Not to mention those two team’s success in the past.

    And Chicago: How can you even compare these two cities from a sports standpoint when the Bulls have been the one’s to repeatedly crush the Cavs for decades??

    or just explain you’re comparisons please.

  2. Bones says:

    Pittsburgh fans win a couple of Super Bowls, take a couple of trips to the Stanley Cup, and they totally forget about their brothers on the other side of the river…yeah, the Pirates. That’s who I was going for. Oh, and the other one was the Cubs…I guess I could have been a little clearer. How about DC or Oakland? Now we’re thinking bottom of the barrel.

  3. Orlando seems like a team of destiny at times but if the Cavs hit their jumpers like last night it’s Championship time.

  4. Derby says:

    Ohio sports suck. They have always (in their brief existence) sucked and always will. Smart Ohio residents (there’s an oxymoron) root for Detroit, Pittsburgh, or perhaps Indiana or Chicago teams.


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