Ryan Beckman, the 18th round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Now you know that Bones and I don't like to make shameless plugs. We like to to stay completely objective and you'd probably have a hard time guessing who our favorite sports teams are. But I feel like I have to break that timeless rule of journalism to stay objective and give a little free publicity to my boy, Ryan Beckman.
Ryan Beckman, the 6'4" 180 lb, hard throwing righty from Grayson County College has been drafted in the 18th round of the 2009 Major League Baseball draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates today. 
The reason this is big news is because I practically raised Beckman. I taught him how to hold a baseball and I taught him how to tie his shoes. Two of those things may have been a lie, but needless to say I am proud of my boy right now.
So here's to Ryan Beckman for finally making the Pittsburgh Pirates relevant in my sports life. 
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