Jessie Garcia's side project, Heroes of Silence

Does anyone remember Building 429? True, they were responsible for one of CCM’s biggest radio successes, the infinitely overplayed “Glory Defined.” But everything after that is a blur. There have been three follow-up albums to their initial splash. The results? Well, if you don’t know, that says it all.

Which is what makes Heroes of Silence all the more appealing. The brainchild of reclusive 429 guitarist Jesse Garcia (he’s the silent type—in my two encounters with the band, he’s never actually spoken), Silence is all about post-rock. That’s right, the brooding, expansive, overlong stuff. But wait: a lot of it works surprisingly well. And considering Garcia’s current main attraction, it’s more than a little bit, well, shocking. Sure, band members of any semi-notable success are starting their own sideshows all over the place. Jon Foreman lit the fire, and I’m afraid it’s turning into a bit of a fad. But calling Garcia’s fleeting, introspective wonders a vanity project is just unfair.

Right now, it’s only a MySpace page with a remarkably small number of plays, but each one of these slow-burning, patience-rewarding pieces is perfect for a headphones experiment. You know what I mean: turn the lights down, light some candles, grab a pair (of headphones) and get lost for an hour or so. This is not the commercial music he’s been making. Cross Sigur Ros and Imogen Heap you’ve got a general idea of where the talented, stolid Garcia is coming from.

I want more. And I want it right now. Matter of fact, I expect an album, even just one. In the meantime, listen to what’s available via MySpace, and be thankful that this current trend of solo-offshoots has granted us at least one totally unique product. To the rest of you, this is how it’s done.  

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  1. Jen says:

    Whoa.You had me at “cross Sigur Ros with Imogen Heap.” This is beautiful stuff… and not what I would have expected. I want more too!

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