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0 Responses to The One Place on the Man and Woman’s Body That Creates Multiplication

  1. Michael says:

    Was this during a sermon or something? Was there an audience present at this little chat? If so, I feel very sorry for them.

  2. Jonathan says:

    This is appalling humor at its worst/best. I used to read the (Christian satire) website Lark News. But I don’t anymore, because real-life Christian America is so self-satirical that it’s become impossible to satirize it anymore.

    But I have one concern: Is this possibly a hoax? I went to the original YouTube site that the Young Turks got this video from and it looked fake. Roberts’ hand/fingers didn’t move at all the whole time; and his eye and mouth movements looked like they’d been computer-generated.

  3. Samuel Garner says:

    Satire has been presented at its lowest level and falls out of liturature.

  4. Adam says:

    Can a member of the editorial board please explain the purpose served by sharing this video?

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