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1. New Derek Webb Album Too Scandalous for Release
May 12, 2009

Well, it looks like he’s finally done it: in an email sent out early this morning, Nashville musician Derek Webb reveals that his new record, Stockholm Syndrome “has gotten out of control,” meaning that it’s too offensive for his label, INO Records, to release it. “It seems I’ve finally found the line beyond which my label can support me, and apparently I’ve crossed it,” Webb wrote. [Full post]

2. Jennifer Knapp Planning a Comeback

August 27, 2009
Jennifer Knapp, whose career in Christian music we lovingly eulogized a few months ago, has come out of hiding at last. Her official website, which has been down for years now, was updated with a new design, and her three-month old MySpace profile got a new a look as well. But best of all, she has listed a show: she’s playing September 24 with the recently-returned Phillip LaRue at Hotel Cafe, a well-known acoustic venue Los Angeles. [Full post]

3. SoHo Hollister Store Opening to Ridiculous Fanfare

May 7, 2009

If perchance you haven’t heard, Abercrombie’s “cheeky cousin” is opening a new flagship store down the way from the big headquarters on Fifth Avenue: the Hollister flagship store will open in July at the corner of Broadway and Houston. Predictably, the A&F company is going all out for the grand opening. [Full post]

4. Jennifer Knapp Was Too Good for Us

April 6, 2009
No one knows what happened to her; her complete and utter disappearance from the public eye is one of the saddest Christian music career endings on record. Not that she left, just that the only way to enjoy her talent the past decade has been to go back and listen to the old stuff. [Full post]

5. OneRepublic Frontman Gyps Kelly Clarkson

July 27, 2009
So we’ve mentioned ubiquitous pop balladeer Ryan Tedder quite a bit around here: how he writes boring songs for his own band, OneRepublic, and has lately been foisting them on megastars like Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson. [Full post]

6. Christians More Likely to Support Torture

April 30, 2009

A new Pew survey reveals something not-all-that-shocking: people who attend church at least once a week are more likely to say torture is “often” or “sometimes” justifiable. And those who identify as evangelicals are even more likely than mainline Protestants or other denominations. [Full post]

7. John Piper Sees Signs in the Wind

August 20, 2009

A tornado hit downtown Minneapolis yesterday afternoon, destroying parts of the Minneapolis Convention Center and the Central Lutheran Church next door. It happened that strong winds were sweeping across the nation, knocking down trees in Central Park and dramatizing an earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska. But John Piper focused on another aspect of the calamity. [Full post]

8. “Godwitter”: Because It Was Only a Matter of Time

May 13, 2009
So what would be your first reaction, say, if you happened upon a website that really looked like Twitter, but appeared to have been built in the last two days, and has an unbelievably retarded name like someone had taken an axe to the word “Twitter” and wedged “God” into it? And has a total of 6 users, all of whom say things like, “Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Dive Judgment,” or “Thinking about that STAGGERING event from which we are all inevitably on the docket; the JUDGMENT of CHRIST”? [Full post]

9. The Critics’ Best Transformers Insults

June 24, 2009
It looks like Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is, as feared, the worst movie of the year. So naturally, critics are lining up to get in their best shots, and to one-up each other with their jokes, insults, and metaphors for indescribable awfulness. A lot of them are fantastic, so we’ve collected the best of the best here. [Full post]

10. Summer Christian Movie Preview: The Bike King and the Ten Commandments

May 11, 2009
While most of the world is anticipating summer blockbusters like, I don’t know, Transformers: The One Where Everyone Finally Realizes Shia LaBeouf is Unnattractive, I for one am practically giddy about the long-awaited straight-to-DVD arrival of something a little different. Namely, The Bike King and The Ten Commmandments. [Full post]

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