I have no problem admitting my bromance with Jamie Oliver. I’ve written about it elsewhere.

Stalkerishly, I tuned in to see the sneak peek of his new show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, on ABC last Sunday night.

I laughed, I cried (literally), and I was blown away by Pastor Steve Willis of First Baptist Church of Kenova. I can’t remember the last time I saw an actual pastor on TV not willfully (or ignorantly) make himself – and by extension Christendom – a mockery.

Pastor Steve, fed up with seeing his congregation basically die from eating too much crap for far too long, is tackling gluttony from the pulpit, advocating his flock eat a little more grass and a little less fat. (My words, not his.)

At 17:00 in the first episode, Jamie, downtrodden from apathetic lunch ladies who don’t see any problem feeding kids processed piles of chemicals masquerading as food, visits Pastor Steve’s church on a Sunday morning.

Pastor Steve is preachin’ how God would have his creatures treat their bodies and honor them. He’s not on screen for long. Nor does he say anything (Would it be inappropriate to say?) earth-shatteringly erudite.

But that’s what’s brilliant. No politics, no grandstanding, no unnecessary hellfire and brimstone, no derision of others’ sins. Just a minister admonishing the people sitting in the pews.

And so, Pastor Steve is now one of Jamie’s few allies in the battle against childhood and adult obesity in the unhealthiest town, in the unhealthiest region, in the fattest country in the world.

It was truth.

On TV.

Thanks Pastor Steve for fighting a good fight, for finding common purpose with those outside the church and working towards healing our world, and for preventing me from having to buy a new TV.

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