And now for a bit of shameless Patrol self-promotion. One of our regular bloggers, Kevin Gosa, who you know mostly from his absurdist rants against any and all things that offend his impeccable, though occasionally low-brow, tastes, is also an extremely talented musician and master (literally) of the saxophone.

He has teamed up with his good friend, the uber-talented singer/songwriter, folk/bluegrass, string-wrangler extraordinaire Jake Armeding to form the power duo The Fretful Porcupine. The group has just released their first EP, entitled “Cellar Sessions.” A reviewer at our sister-site The Curator commented that “The music began, and I’d never heard anything like it,” and once you give a listen, I think you’ll agree.

Their sound is a mix of Jake’s folk and bluegrass influence and Kevin’s jazz and classical stylings. In short, the tunes reflect each of the player’s love for the music they play. Even if Kevin wasn’t a Patrol blogger, fellow Jersey City resident and buddy of mine, I’d recommend The Fretful Porcupine, but since he is all of those things, I doubly recommend it.

Check out the duo tomorrow night in a live webcast from a rooftop in Jersey City where the Manhattan skyline will provide the backdrop to their unique brand of blue-grass-jazzery.

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