I know this isn’t a tech blog, but sometimes I like to pretend.

There are a lot of rumors flying around the blogoworld today about a potential recall of the iPhone 4. I think this is ridiculous.

As if it wasn’t annoying enough that the first question strangers ask when they see my shiny new phone is some variation of, “Have you had any of those problems that everyone is talking about?”


And I know this may seem narrow, but I’m not sure there really is a problem. Yes, we can all make the bars on our phones drop by doing some fancy handling tricks, but is anyone dropping calls? In my mind there are a bunch of techy geeks (even more so than me) standing around (and making videos) covering a corner of there iPhones with big, sweaty palms in order to show off this “flaw.” But is that how they hold their phones? In a bear grip? Then there are the more delicate, but equally nerdy, clowns holding the bottom left corner with their index finger. Really?

Anyway, that’s not how I hold my phone, which probably explains why I haven’t had signal issues. In the weeks since release day I have dropped a total of 3 calls. I have been counting because to drop only 3 calls on AT&T in New York City is something of a miracle.

So, to wrap this rant up, there will be no iPhone 4 recall, or, anyway, there shouldn’t be one. To anyone experiencing this “problem,” stop holding your phone like a goon and start actually using it. It will become instantly clear why even Consumer Reports (who apparently can’t recommend the phone) thinks its the best smartphone out there.



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