I think we are caught in a vicious cycle. Case and point: a new series over at “Patheos” on the future of Evangelicalism. This particular run of articles and opinions is a part of a larger look at the future of religion, and in the Christian camp they’ve already covered Catholicism and Mainline Protestantism.

The series began yesterday and a new set of essays will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next two weeks. Our old buddy Matt Anderson already weighed in on the question, as have other prominent evangelical writers and bloggers like Scot McKnight and our favorite antagonist, Joe Carter. Still to come is insight from Mark Noll, Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren and Rob Moll.

This discussion is interesting and all, and some of my favorite evangelicals have been enlisted to give their two cents, but didn’t we already predict the future of evangelicalism, like, a year ago?

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