A couple of weeks ago, Timothy Dalrymple, Associate Director of Content for Patheos.com, issued a challenge to writers, in part as a response to separate pieces posted here at Patrol, one by Sessions and another by me, both about the Glenn Beck rally back in August. Sessions noted that the real problem with evangelicals’ new love affair with Beck is that it prioritized their common America worship over theological differences; and I, and others, saw the rally as the birth of a new national religion.

Dalrymple posed a set of questions to us personally, and to the larger community in an effort to host a thoughtful and informed discussion about the relationship between religion and politics. You can see his initial invitation here, and the landing page for the discussion, which Dalrymple titled “American Evangelicalism and National Idolatry” here.

My response, in which I posit that President Obama’s 2006 keynote speech at the Call to Renewal conference sets the template for the mixing of religion and politics, has been posted already. Keep checking Patheos.com to watch as this conversation continues.


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