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I have a new blog post up in the Religion section of the Huffington Post entitled, “The Unfortunate Effects Apocalyptic Beliefs Can Have On Morality.” It’s featured (for now) on the homepage and paired, interestingly, with a picture of George W. Bush and Billy Graham. I’m not sure why; I don’t mention either in the piece, but with that headline, I suppose, it’ll probably garner some clicks. (Update: the picture has been changed to a sad looking guy sitting alone at a kitchen table with a cake. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.)

Special thanks to my friend Nathan Schneider over at the Killing the Buddha for contributing his impressive editorial chops to some earlier versions of the piece. And, speaking of KtB, some of us Patrollers will be in attendance at their “Tin Anniversary Spectacular” in Brooklyn on Tuesday, and we’d love to meet any readers who might also be there.

Do read the HuffPo piece if you have a chance, and leave a comment either here or over there.

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0 Responses to The Cheater’s Guide to Bringing About the Apocalypse

  1. Philip Wade says:

    Good job with this. The eschatology of Left Behind is poor, but I guess it’s exciting and not entirely untrue so it has sold well in churches and tent-revivals for many years. I want to take issue with your main point though.

    “… the Christian believer must actively transform the physical world into a place more habitable for ‘free, spiritual beings.'” Maybe that’s a good way to say on The Huffington Post that we need to spread the gospel and build God’s kingdom, but if instead it means that Christians must work to be productive citizens of the world, then it misses the point. The gracious good news that God made us to worship him and will forgive our sins if we will confess and repent is the our purpose in the world. That’s our message when we work, help the needy, uphold moral standards with kindness, and take care of the world.

  2. Colonel says:

    Supberly illuminating data here, thanks!

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