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0 Responses to Jesus is a Liberal Democrat

  1. Jon Busch says:

    I love the way he slips ‘willfully ignorant, borderline heretical’ in there so smoothly.

    On a side note, the more I think about who God actually helped in the Bible, the more I realize what a comically useless bunch they were. I mean, if God helps those who help themselves, you’d think more than one kid out of 5000 people would have thought to bring a lunch.

  2. J House says:

    Jesus didn’t tell us to give to the poor by showing up at someone’s house, pointing a gun at their head, demanding money, and then distributing it in the least efficient way possible. Moreover, if people refuse to give, Jesus didn’t ask us to kill or jail them.

  3. JD says:

    It humors me how people on both the right and the left like to co-opt Jesus in order to justify their preconceived political notions. In the Gospels, whenever people came to Jesus seeking self-justification they always left sad and empty-handed. Lucky for us he isn’t around to challenge our self-righteous attitudes. Plus, it makes it easier for us to put words in his mouth that way.

  4. Randy Helm says:

    Thanks for sharing JFitz. It is amazing how politicians on both sides try to hijack Jesus to support their cause.

  5. Jim Jacobson says:

    I love it when politicians and talking heads blather on about Jesus, when they are obviously ignorant of what Jesus actually said as well as the context in which he said it. Context for all that He said is critical, without it you can make Him “for” anything.

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