The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life conducted a survey of evangelical leaders and released the results on their website. There’s a lot there that I’ve been combing through, but I thought it’d be fun to direct your attention to the results and hear from you what you think is interesting, surprising, or noteworthy.

So, take a look and come on back and let us know what you make of these findings.

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  1. Gary Horsman says:

    The people at Pew Forum do some very competent and valuable work. It’s interesting to see the results of these surveys. I suspect that since these are answers from Evangelical leaders, the results may be quite different if the same questions were asked of parishioners.

    How these results can be interpreted is a whole other matter as cultural, economic and other regional factors probably have a strong influence. And remember that these are evangelicals. The survey does not include Catholic leaders or Orthodox Christians, which would probably further skew the results.

    So much data, I wouldn’t know where to begin to try to interpret what these results mean. But it makes for eye-opening reading.

  2. Immediately noticed that respondents are male and older. Definitely doesn’t demonstrate a new evangelical perspective.

    Also interesting that global evangelicals fear Muslims and Atheists.

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