After a scheduling mix-up too baffling to untangle, Sarah Palin took the stage at a Tea Party event in Iowa Saturday to deliver a baffling mix-up of another kind: an impassioned rant against the current political system that married a string of left- wing grievances with a confounding set of right-wing solutions.

There was speculation that she might endorse the current GOP frontrunner, Rick Perry, but Palin seemed determine to carve out a message all her own. It’s one that implicitly critiqued candidates in the Republican field and identified explicitly with the concerns of the left—at least in name. Palin lambasted “crony capitalism”—a Perry specialty—and railed against “corporate welfare” and “socialism for the very rich.” She demanded to know what good can come from reform-promising candidates who were bought long before they ever took office. She invoked the legacy of America’s most transformative leftists, abolitionists, and Civil Rights activists. She said change would come from “ordinary people,” not from the “political class.” She even kicked around the term “revolution.”

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