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In case any readers happen to be in the Boston area, I wanted to an extend an invitation to an event sponsored by the Greater Boston Emergent Cohort, at which I’ll be speaking about the impact my vocation as a writer/journalist has on my faith. It’s at 7pm in Salem, MA; the rest of the details are available at the Facebook event page here.

Jeff Gentry, who invited me to speak, raised this question of influence of vocation on faith and I thought it particularly interesting as we often think of the influence going in the other direction. It’s not uncommon to consider how one’s faith influences his vocation. But I loved having the opportunity to think around how my faith influences my vocation. What I came up with (spoiler alert!) is that engaging in the kind of community that Patrol has long generated is really the most influential force. That is, being challenged by readers, friends, and followers has really pushed me to grow. And, in this season of appreciation, I appreciate all of you for that.

Anyway, the sentimental portion of this post is over; I wanted to share a bit from my talk as a kind of preview of sorts. I’m considering reworking the whole thing and publishing it depending, I suppose, on how it is received.

There’s nothing unique, I don’t think, about the fact that just as my faith impacts my vocation, my vocation impacts my faith. And, the thing that has had the most impact is not necessarily something that is unique to being a writer–in fact, now that I think about it, almost seems antithetical to being a writer in some ways–that is, having a community of fellow believers. It’s helpful if there is some agreement and some disagreement, mutual respect, and Christ-like love. These are the things I’ve found in fellow writers and readers, and looking back it is their profound influence that has sculpted the path I’ve been walking along. There are probably straighter paths out there, but I like to think mine has at least been filled with interesting characters and interesting stories.

Hope to see you there!

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