Surely you’ve heard by now about John Piper’s latest comments concerning Christianity and masculinity (spoiler alert: “God has given Christianity a masculine feel”). A few people have noticed, us included, that Piper seems to be the more authoritative voice behind the more shoot-from-the-hip Mark Driscoll. This week in my column at Patheos, I created an Emperor/Darth Vader metaphor and ran with it. (Turns out, last week another blogger, Peter over at Emerging Christian, came to the same Star Wars inspired conclusion…and he even has a great graphic to accompany his post). Anyway, here’s a bit of my column:

John Piper is like the Emperor to Mark Driscoll’s Darth Vader. There’s nothing inherently “Dark”—as in, “The Dark Side”—about the resurgence of Reformed theology, but as a movement I believe we can observe similarities to The Empire from the Star Wars movies. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and, next to the Bible, it is one of the most frequently used lenses through which I view the world; so, indulge me a moment. Piper and Driscoll lord over an army of like-minded soldiers—their Storm Troopers. They are on a mission to convert all of Christianity (the galaxy) to their side (conservative, Reformed theology). I guess Minneapolis is Coruscant, and Mars Hill would be the Death Star.

You can read the rest over at Patheos.

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