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Earlier this week, someone at my alma mater, Gordon College, was kind enough to share one of my recent Huffington Post blog pieces on the college’s Facebook page as an example of “Alumni in the News.” Suddenly, there on Gordon College’s wall, a place where the “Likes” far outnumber the comments, a comment war began.

Essentially, a couple of offended instigators listed the reasons why my piece wasn’t newsworthy and why it was an example of how Gordon College has derailed. In response, many more people (quite a few of my friends and acquaintances) defended the validity of my work and the reputation of their college.

This all got me thinking: I wonder how most people feel about their alma mater. What about you? If you’re an alumnus of some institution, how do you feel about your experience there, and what is your sense of the school’s ongoing legacy since you’ve left?

If you’re a current student, are you proud of your school’s alumni? Are you happy with the education you’re getting?

I’d love it if you’d be willing to share some thoughts here; I think we will find that reading of other people’s experiences will be helpful in gauging our own.

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