Happy New Year! Pardon this self-promotional interruption to the regularly scheduled program, but I must announce that my first book — it’s either a very long essay or a very short book — has been published by Bondfire Books and is available at all major ebook retailers today. And, as a bonus, for a limited time it’s only 99 cents. Impulse buy my book!

More information and buying options are below. I hope you’ll consider buying, reading, and sharing your thoughts on the book here and elsewhere.

[iframe]“Not Your Mother’s Morals: How the New Sincerity is Changing Pop Culture for the Better” by Jonathan D. Fitzgerald on Ganxy[/iframe]
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2 Responses to Not Your Mother’s Morals in Stores Now – 99 Cents!

  1. Jonathan – I read your book yesterday and I felt like I was reliving my childhood and early adult years. I also thought it was fascinating to take a look at this pop culture phenomenon. There has definitely been a shift in focus from lambasting religion as our parent’s generation did to an acceptance or religious questions, morals and ideals. Did you happen to see this news story today?


    Quite interesting. Anyways, I had one question for you about the book: Was your intention to merely inform readers of the New Sincerity or did you have some larger point that you wanted to make? I left the book unsure of that answer. I think underlying the topic of your whole book is the idea that religion is being discussed in various facets of American life is good but then what do we do with that information? Curious of what your thoughts were…

    Thanks again for the book. It was an enjoyable read.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for your question and for reading the book. I think the overall point I wanted to make here was to inform readers of the New Sincerity, to celebrate it, and to suggest that if we are aware of it’s existence we may be able to sustain it. And I think that doing so is a good idea for a myriad of reasons.

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