Founding Editor

David Sessions


Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

Books Editor

Kenneth Sheppard

“For no one who wholeheartedly shares in a given sensibility can analyze it. He can only, whatever his intention, exhibit it. To name a sensibility, to draw its contours and to recount its history, requires a deep sympathy modified by revulsion.” — Susan Sontag

Patrol is an independent daily magazine where young writers explore their interactions with art, culture, politics, and religion.

Patrol comes to life amid the conflicts between faith and science, religion and politics, the church and the arts, humanity and technology. Those are huge topics with vast implications—implications we think it’s important to engage with, publicly and without reservation, for the good of both our own and the good of the culture we’re a part of. That’s what we’re about. Patrol aims to be a “salon” for young writers to work out their ideas and chronicle their encounters with culture. And we hope all kinds of people drop in on the conversation.

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