CCM posterboy Chris TomlinChris Tomlin’s new album, the sort of schmaltzy titled Hello Love is set to drop Sept. 2nd and will without fail bring sight to the blind, bring life to the dead, and bring the United States away from the brink of recession.

The record’s first subtly titled single “Jesus Messiah” builds right from the get go, and settles into a steady “Yellow”-escent groove. It bears a strinking resemblance to, oh I don’t know, everything he’s ever done. Although there is a refreshing, almost linear song arrangement that tosses us into the initial pre-chorus and chorus without much warning. A pretty big curve ball for such a formulaic writer.

Typical but not necessarily terrible lyrics ponder things like…God, Jesus, love, Jesus, sin, God, heaven, God, and even wander into brave territory like Jesus. And God. Like I said JPMs (Jesus’s per minute) are not always a sign of lazy songwriting, but perhaps lines that (for no apparent rhyme or reason) don’t rhyme, or follow reason, are.

Maybe he deserves a high five or a glass of Sparkling Apple Cider for deciding not to rhyme every line perfectly with one another, but I just can’t figure out the point of such a non-rhyme. How awkward.

His body the bread/his blood the wine
broken and poured out/all for love.

Hello Love

Equally confusing; the line referring to Jesus as “a ransom from Heaven.” Which as far as I can tell means that He would be saving us FROM Heaven.


Chris Tomlin (a.k.a. Tomlin, a.a.k.a. “Chromulin”) really does have quite an above average voice and a knack for singable melody. Even if its often the same one. He’s also decided to fill the big choir ending gap, left by recent Delirious records. As well as the annoying string arrangements gap. If by gap you mean over abundance.

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