AnberlinIf there’s any band that has to watch their growth and experimentation closely, its Anberlin. One step too far “out there,” one “artsy” idea too many, and they risk alienating years of hard work and millions of fans.

“Cities” saw them squeeze out of the box a little, and rearrange a boundary or two, but it was essentially the same elements as always. Not a bad thing when we’re dealing with a band beloved for their catchy, good quality (if cheesy at times) songwriting, and incredible live shows.

New Surrender “hits the streets” as they say, September 30th. The safe prediction is that it will be to Cities what Cities was to Never Take Friendship Personal. Leaps and Bounds ahead in emotion and execution, but pretty much the same stylistically.

New Surrender

Below is a live clip of “Bittersweet Memory,” one of New Surrender‘s first songs. God bless the band that knows its place, and doesn’t see every album as an excuse to “experiment” with overblown notions of grandeur, or asinine attempts at indie cred.

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