If exploiting one’s sexuality is a crime against intelligence, than running from it is a crime against nature. Like Rob Bell points out in his latest book Sex God, its a lazy, childish adage that blames carnal sin on uncontrollable “animal instinct.” As if to negate the uniquely human ability to understand and practice self control. However, the case is also made that on the flip-side sits an equally ridiculous extreme that says sexuality is something to be ashamed of, repressed, or ignored.

Christians it would seem tread this line more carefully than most any faux pas. Taught young that while its not right, it is normal to secretly indulge online in a dark basement, so long as you shake your head at explicit commercials during the super bowl party, and fast forward racy film scenes when your parents are around. Teen pregnancy and abortion rates, as well as the startling follow up stats on promise-card-chastity-pledges show that the long standing method of “IT’S BAD, DON’T DO IT” simply isn’t working.

What Christian kids (and adults) would benefit from is a no holds barred, honest to God, analytical understanding of how real and amazing and powerful sexuality is, and how its never successfully repressed, only rerouted. It will show up in your life whether you like it or not, and the only realistic way to stay afloat is to learn the values of self respect, intrinsic worth, and to acknowledge the fact that its there, that we all see it, and that pretending its not won’t help anything.

Krystal Meyers is not a sex symbol. Although as of today she might be the closest thing CCM has to one. Which might be a good thing, if it were that simple. Her new record Make Some Noise hits stores Sept. 9th, and her new video (below) hit the internet earlier this month.

So. What is the value of a marginally, almost-sexy Christian music video? If its just another shot at quick cash, then it belongs in MTV shallowsville, along with the rest of our scornful judgement. But if it says “hey actually, I am a girl, and I am beautiful, and I like to dance, and I don’t need to dress or act like I’m 50 just because beauty might ‘make you stumble,’ and just cause you can see my armpits and I’m on a table, doesn’t mean that I’m a slut,” then I say preach it.

Nobody is going to stop you from “stumbling.” Even if every Christian female traded in their brand names for burkas, there would still be hyper-ample opportunity for God loving bros to “fall into temptation.” I for one am more than able to watch this video and get down to the beat and not be at all attacked by the urge to go do it with myself. If you can’t watch it without your mind getting away on you then that’s totally okay. Don’t watch it, but don’t blame some lipstick and blonde locks for a lack of self control. Don’t dangle too close to the edge by any means, but don’t get upset at a tasteful portrayal of youth, beauty, and healthy Christian sexuality. If the view is too hot as they say, then turn out the lights.

Christianity is not about censorship, its about discernment. How skewed our reality becomes when we label any small glimpse of sexuality as sexual immorality. The scripture I know says to avoid “even a hint” of sexual immorality. But the God I know created me with much more than a hint of sexuality.

Besides. This song is EASILY the best thing that ever happened to Krystal Meyers. I’d trade in a bad Avril ripoff for a good Katy Perry ripoff anyday.

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