You remember Lou Dobbs, the CNN anchor who declared time and time again that religion has no place in politics? Well, it seems he has had a change of heart, thanks to, uh, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. But he doesn’t want the liberal media to know about it!

“If my colleagues in the liberal national media found out about this I’d be in trouble,” he joked at last weekend’s 2008 Value Voters Summit.

Perkins, despite having what Dobbs referred to as a “holier-than-thou-attitude,” managed to convince Dobbs that religion in the public arena was important. “Whether one is religious, whether one is Christian, Catholic, or Jewish, or Buddhist, I don’t really care. From those religions and that religiosity springs a sense of morality and philosophy that I think our public arena desperately, desperately needs,” Dobbs said.

This is quite a switch from the man who said religious groups shouldn’t get involved in illegal immigration, the Pope should keep his mouth shut about American politics, and trying to teach intelligent design in schools is a gross violation of the separation of church and state.

“While I think your moral philosophy, your religion, is critically important to the public arena, I don’t think it’s sufficient,” Dobbs said. “I would urge you to extend that morality, that philosophy, that faith, to every issue that buffets the traditional values of this great nation.”

So what philosophy was Dobbs exercising when he reportedly decided his wife would just love a box of Obama Waffles?

(Watch his speech here.)

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