This is the final installment of Patrol’s review of 2008. On Monday, we released the list of our most-read album reviews of the year, and on Wednesday, the most popular 2008 items from The Scanner.

DESPITE a redesign and a move, we published a lot of stuff in our first full calendar year of operation. Too much to remember, in fact. We had long-awaited albums from Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Oasis, and The Killers; Heath Ledger’s first posthumous movie; Radiohead’s first American tour in five years; and a Wall Street meltdown. The Jonas Brothers ruled the world, and the Tampa Bay Rays failed at the finish line.

Christians were up in arms about Sex and the City and Barack Obama and Proposition 8. Oh, and that reminds us: Barack Obama! And Sarah Palin! And that whole election business. And all those bailouts. All a lot of heavy stuff, but we had plenty of fun, too—sneaking into Fashion Week, analyzing Gossip Girl, going to SNL, defending elitism, and telling off Brooklyn’s witchiest mom. All in all, a full year, if not the best we can remember for the history of the world.

But out of all that, a few articles rose to the top. A few that you sent your friends, blogged, emailed about and commented on. So here, on the second day of the New Year, are the ten you read the most. (Actually eleven, since we had a two-way tie for tenth place.)


1. How Shall We Then Vote?
If you’re a Christian and still torn about how to vote tomorrow, there’s only one thing to do: don’t.
By Derek Webb


2. Dear Nick Jonas
I only know a handful of your songs, and I like even less. But I love you more than any of your other “fans.”
By Amy Jonas-to-Be


3. The Doomsday Temptation
Focus on the Family’s gruesome political scenario for 2012 is heavy on wild speculation. Should anyone pay attention?
By David Sessions


4. Hail to the Thieves
In a perfect reality Thom Yorke and Mac Powell would never make it into the same sentence. But, um …
By Jordan Kurtz


5. Rob Bell Likes His Art Chocolate
A conversation about faith, art, and science with America’s hippest pastor.
By Jake Dockter


6. The Drunk Dreamer’s Wine
Writer Augusten Burroughs, musician Tegan Quin, and Anberlin’s Stephen Christian gather for a night of artistic community in New York.
By David Sessions


7. When Christians Hate Sex
Deconstructing an unfortunate evangelical response to the cinema adaptation of Sex and the City.
By David Sessions


8. David Bazan’s (Inevitable) Apostasy
How the apologist who lit the way for a generation of sad dudes with honest doubts—and still made it to church every Sunday—quietly left his little corner of the fold.
By Joel Hartse


9. In Rainstorms
Sticking out the disaster-stricken Radiohead performance at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia.
By David Sessions


10. Pagan Angel
What Christian Music Today got wrong about the religious ruminations of Iron & Wine.
By Micah Towery


10. The Biggest McCain Rally Ever
What happened Wednesday in Fairfax, Virginia, when 20,000 people flocked to see McCain and Palin.
By Whitney Archer

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