We gave you Lake Superior State University's annual List of Words to be Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.

Then we gave you some suggestions to add to the list.

Then you gave us more suggestions.

Now we present to you the final list of Patrol’s Banned Words for 2009.

“Maverick.” Once again, real mavericks never call themselves that, and they are by definition not part of "teams."

"Green." Grass and leaves are generally green. GMC Yukon hybrids are generally not.

“LOL.” Should not be used in verbal conversation. (Also applies to “OMG” and “IDK.”)

“Literally.” We are literally going to kill every person we hear using this word. (Submitted by Tim)

“Joe the Plumber.” His “name” is even being used in radio commercials now: “prices even Joe the Plumber would be proud of.” Make it stop.

“Like.” Unless you are talking about your personal taste in ice cream, “the most abused word in the English language should be omitted from everyone’s vocabulary.” (Submitted by D.L.)

"I Could Care Less." If you could care less, then you obviously care at least a little bit.

“110-percent.” Illogical and clichéd. Should be destroyed with WMDs. (Submitted by SharonGracePjs)

Indie.” If your band is being used in ads for cartoon insurance salesmen, you’re not Indie. If your concert is brought to us by Bud Light and Clear Channel, you’re not indie. If your mumbly-voiced CD is being sold by the thousands at Best Buy, you’re not indie. (Submitted by Justin)     

“Epic.” We get the point, after 4.8 billion uses of the word that had nothing to do with poetry, stories, or scope.


“Economy.” Wishful thinking, of course, but I would literally give 110% if this word could be banned for 2009. That would be epic. Joe the Plumber thinks so also, because he’s, like, a maverick.

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