Today I multi-tasked: procrastination and cutting-edge trend-spotting at the very same time. I wasted time on, a site where people recount life's humiliations and bitter ironies in a sentence or two. A sampling: 

Today, the priest was handing out red roses after church.The woman ahead of me asked for a rose. The priest said "Sorry, we are only giving them out to single women since they didn't get any for valentines day." Then he hands one to me. This was the 1st time I have been to that church. FML

Today, I dropped my 400 dollar iphone, that's been through toilets and 6 foot falls on a walmart floor and shattered the screen. I managed, however, to catch the 2 dollar macaroni and cheese before it hit the ground. FML

Today, I accompanied some friends to sign up for a gym. When we got there, the guy handed me a form, too. I said, "Oh, I'm not signing up." He replied, "Out of all of you, you need it the most." He then said he was also a nutritionist, and offered a consultation. FML

Then I remembered another site — One Sentence — where people share true stories in a single sentence. These tend to be more raw and poignant: 

Before I had a three year old child, I never imagined I'd discuss whether turtles have eyebrows.

You know your adult son is home visiting when you find an empty beer can in your shower.

My oldest sister once curiously asked my Grandma Helen why her phone number was written on her arm.

Then I remembered on Valentine's Day, the Washington Post  called for love stories, told in six words. 

Craigs List. True love. Who knew?

My boyfriend's wife phoned my husband.

Slighly used heart, mint condition: Sold. 

I love this exercise of encapsulating a a trauma or joy in a few words. Am I right in thinking it's a recent (probably Facebook/Twitter status-update-driven) trend? Has anyone come across other examples?

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