Me interviewing the original L.T., Lawrence Taylor.

My name actually is Debs, and I'll be guest blogging now and then on No Crying in Sports. After reading everything Bigs & Bones have posted over the past week, I realized I needed to chime in for two reasons: 1) I’m a girl; and 2) Bigs & Bones clearly know nothing about hockey.

Bigs & Bones are sports minus the best one, and that’s where I come in.

It’s hard to say exactly where I’m from, but I grew up in northern New Mexico. After brief stints in England, France and New York City I currently reside in Pittsburgh. Hockey is the reason I moved to the Steel City – to intern for the Pittsburgh Penguins. While I won’t be providing you with any juicy inside information, I like to think I know a thing or two about Canada’s pastime, so stay tuned, eh?

First things first: my sports creed.


  • God created hockey on the first day, right after the ‘let there be light’ clause.
  • It is acceptable to cheer for any team EXCEPT the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Detroit Red Wings.
  • The Red Wings suck.
  • The NBA is annoying.
  • The problem with MLB is all of the steroids drama.
  • I’ll defend Sidney Crosby over Alex Ovechkin any day.
  • Salary caps are evil.
  • Peter Forsberg was the best player in the world before the lockout.
  • Michael Jordan should have stuck tobasketball.
  • Michael Phelps isn’t human.
  • The 1980 Miracle on Ice was the greatest moment in sports.
  • Watching the Giants destroy the Patriots perfect season was the second best moment in sports.
  • And, there’s no crying in sports!
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