The more I read about Scott Boras, the more he reminds me of Jigsaw in the Saw movies. Dealing with him is like a deathtrap, you might come out alive but you’re going to loose (a) a body part (b) a lover (c) your money or (d) your fantasy franchise player.

Exhibit A. Boras is trying to get more than $50 million for Stephen Strasburg, the San Diego State flamethrower who hits 103mph on the radar gun, as the first pick of the 2009 draft. Ironically, the beguiled Washington Nationals have the first pick of the draft this year. They had the first pick of the draft last year and they failed to sign him (Aaron Crow). So now that Boras knows they’re in dire straits he plans on doing what he does best: ransoming overpaid athletes and exploiting desparate franchises.

So if you’re the Nats do you shell out $50 million for one of the most hyped prospects of the past decade? I say no, and here’s why…

The last All-Star pitcher taken number one in the draft was Andy Benes in 1988. (NAFTA, Rain Man, Fatal Attraction, Dirty Dancing, Joshua Tree and Graceland…'88 was a great year. Thankfully, Benes had more than just baseball going for him.)

From 1998-2008, here’s the list of the number one picks:

Pat Burrell

Josh Hamilton

Adrian Gonzalez

Joe Mauer

Bryan Bullington

Delmon Young

Matt Bush

Justin Upton

Luke Hochevar

David Price

Timothy Beckham

Other notable first round picks: A-Rod 1993; Chipper Jones 1990; Ken Griffey Jr. 1987.

Notice. There’s not one potential Hall of Fame pitcher on this list.

The most highly paid draft pick in history so far: Mark Prior ($10.5 million). Look how he turned out.

Pitching is too risky to throw $50 million for 6 years at a college player. If the Nats can get him for cheaper or if they think the talent drops off after Strasburg, then they should go for him, but otherwise this will be another “Aaron Crow” or “Esmailyn Gonzalez.”

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