Hello, hello. It's time for another look into the online twitterings of the CCM crowd, who always have plenty to talk about. Today, they're talking about things ranging from highbrow (The New Yorker) to lowbrow (pooping). Here's what's up:

Pop singer Joy Williams has become something of CCM critic in recent days, saying things like, "I don't think faith is always meant to be safe." Now we know why:


Seabird, that Musey piano band that's pretty good but still kind of … you know, is really loving the latest in the Top 40. We we need no further proof that this is an authentic celebrity Twitter, as OF COURSE Seabird would have sympathies for Ryan Tedder-composed pop singles:


Natalie Grant's pastor uses a loofah, and so, she's surprised to learn do lots of men:


Speaking of men and what they do in the bathroom, Casting Crowns lead singer Mark Hall has weird friends, who, in keeping with the CCM crowd's well-documented obsession with bodily functions, say weird, creepy and mildly disgusting things:


Last but not least we bring you Jaci Velasquez who, as you may recall, released her first Christian record at age 16, grew up to have a Latin music career, then marry and reproduce with one of the Salvadors. Her long-idle Twitter is finally up and running, and we'll just assume she meant exactly what she said here:


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