After seeing Dwyane Wade and Charles Barkley in about five thousand T-Mobile commercials during the first couple days of the NBA playoffs, I decided to do my own little version of my Fav 5 this week.


DA BULLS. Anyone who goes into Boston and takes Game 1 from the Celtics are definitely in my Fav 5. I don't care that KG is gone or that Danny Ainge had a heart attack or that Glen "Big Baby" Davis is going through an identity crisis right now, I never feel bad when Boston looses. And it's especially satisfying to see the Bulls win their first meaningul game since MJ's era. 


The Florida Marlins. They won the World Series in 1997 and 2003, is it time for another 6 year repeat?? I hope so. The Marlins manage to pull together some of the greatest minor league, no name talent in the league. Remember A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett and now Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson. There fast, scrappy, and best of all, they have absolutely no pressure on them. If their pitching can stay healthy and their young guys like Cameron Maybin can step up, there going to be the Met's worst headache all year. 

And if you wanna read a great story on a real writer's favorite, read this. It's worth it. 


Simeon Varlamov. Working in DC these days, I've adopted the Caps as my team. So when they went down 0-2 in the first round to the New York Rangers, I was so close to dropping them and Jose Theodore, their sad excuse for a saavy, vetern goaltender. (It's hockey and I don't live anywhere near ice, so I'm allowed to do that.) Well, up steps the 20-year-old goaltender, Simeon Varlamov, who had 33 saves last night and shut out the Rangers for the Caps win. There still down 2-1 playing in NY, but consider that Ovechkin has yet to score a goal in the series. He's due for about 10 goals in the next 4 games, so I'm not too worried about MY Caps. 

The Draft

Mark Sanchez. (Pronounced "Saaaanchez". He's Mexican-American and proud of it.) Seriously. This guy is at best a late 1st Round pick, but he's been taking some schmoozing lessons from his predecessor Matt Leinhart on compensating for a lack of talent with great "intangibles." Now he's got 9 of the top 20 teams seriously interested in him. Are you kidding me? I heard one guy call it the "prettiest girl in the room syndrome." When the prettiest girl in the room is a 6 and all the others are 3's, the 6 starts looking more and more like a 9 as the night goes on. 

Okay my real favorite draft pick right now is Aaron Curry, the OLB from Wake Forest. His speed and solid tackling ability reminds me a lot of Julian Peterson and Joey Porter.


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